‘Go On’ Season 1, Episode 4 – ‘Bench-Clearing Bawl’ Recap

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Go On picks up with Ryan (Matthew Perry) carting around a life-sized, cardboard poster of himself. It’s actually a really great photo. Anyway, he sets it here and there and finally sets it right in front of the door so that he’ll have something to greet when he comes home at the end of the day. Janie’s sewing machine is in the way so he brings it in to group to give to Sonia (Sarah Baker). Lauren (Laura Benanti) tries to caution Ryan from giving away Janie’s things so soon, but he claims to be ready. He tells the group that Janie was a terrible seamstress. She tried to make him a shirt and it was awful. The group “aws” at him. He’s not amused.

At the office, he badgers Carrie (Allison Miller) into phoning Jeremy Roenick because a spot has opened up in his hockey pick up team. Carrie tells him she will, but Steven (John Cho) guesses that she already has and that Roenick wants nothing to do with Ryan since he’s kind of an ass on air. It’s part of the job, but it doesn’t endear him to many.

Steven asks if she played the widower card. Carrie has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her that her looks get her things, but for everyone else? He calls Roenick and slides the fact of Janie’s death into the conversation and guilts him into letting Ryan play.

In group, Lauren has them make collages. Ryan looks for an escape hatch. Anne (Julie White) tells everyone that she has a wedding this weekend and doesn’t want to go, but it’s one of her closest friends. Ryan offers to go with her after they bond over the whole awkward plus 1 thing. Oh, and it turns out that Fausta (Tonita Castro) doesn’t get that Anne is a lesbian, but Ryan thinks it’s on purpose.

At the reception, Ryan notices someone eye-flirting with Anne, and he encourages her to talk to Sasha. Women keep coming up to him and telling him they love his work. He’s really flattered until he realizes that they think he’s Rachel Maddow.

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At his first match, all the guys (including Michael Vartan) let him win. He thinks he’s doing great. He thinks he’s doing great all the way until he gets an email from Lauren. She forwards him a link to Sonia’s collage which includes a phone of the sewing machine, and he falls a part. His fans call him “Cryin’ King.”

Anne goes out on a not date with Sasha, the woman from the wedding, but flips out when she tries to kiss her. So where does she go? Ryan’s of course. She rants and raves, and Ryan talks her down. She gets a brilliant idea, and asks if he’s thinking it too. He has no idea what she’s talking about and is flabbergasted when she lays one on him. She’s relieved to have the first kiss out of the way. She tells him his stubble made the kiss really weird. He’s happy-ish to have obliged, however unwillingly.

Ryan finally deals a bit with his grief, and decides he’s going to move forward honestly. So at the rink, Steven lets him in on the fact that everyone’s been mollycoddling him on the ice. He tells everyone to cut it out. The group came to support him so they’re on hand to see everyone pummeling him. Seriously. Everyone. Even his own teammates. At the end, Roenick basically tells him that he doesn’t completely suck, and Ryan is pretty happy. That is until a figure skater mistakes him for Rachel Maddow.

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