‘Go On’ Season 1, Episode 6 ‘Big League Chew’ recap

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Go On opens in a restaurant. Ryan (Matthew Perry) is brought to a table next to the seated Lauren (Laura Bernanti). He teases her about Wyatt (Hayes MacArthur), but Wyatt gives as good as he gets, and Ryan tells Lauren that he likes him. Lauren doesn’t look thrilled to hear it. She’s even less thrilled when she realizes that the reason Ryan is there is that it’s the group’s monthly get together. The behave as weirdly as you might imagine, which is to say, really weirdly. Lauren gets up to leave, and Wyatt sells her out by insisting on guessing (correctly) who everyone is. Well, almost everyone. Did Wyatt think Anne (Julie White) was Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura)? Really?! That’s Anne’s reaction to that situation, but none of them are happy to think she’s been talking about them.

At the next meeting, the group tells Ryan that he is grief eating. Anne talks about how she ate cheese, but it was like a food tetris that couldn’t fill the empty space. Ryan insists he’s not grief eating, which is when Lauren comes in, of course. She rhapsodizes about Snickers. They all look at her. She sits down. People are not happy. She agrees to have Wyatt come in to answer questions about her so that they’ll be on a more even keel. That seems like a very bad idea.

Ryan is at work. He’s on air, but he’s still eating. A lot. He answers a call but is chewing while talking to the guy. Carrie (Allison Miller) tries to get him to stop, but he tries to blame the sound guy. At group, they tell him that they all heard him. He still denies it, but agrees to stop and calls Carrie right there and then. He asks her to buy him a bicycle and the clothing to go with it. She asks if this is for real or if he’s just calling her to make a point. He hangs up on her, but she really did buy him the stuff.

Wyatt shows up at the meeting and spills. And spills. And spills. Really. Ryan is able to fill the whiteboard with all the stuff he tells them. Lauren’s a good sport about it, even though Wyatt kicks off the whole thing by telling them that Lauren is gay for Salma Hayek and was in child beauty pageants. They cover a lot of ground.

Later, Ryan bikes to the convenience store where the guy knows him as Sno-ball guy. When George (Bill Cobbs) catches him, he tells him to expect the group that night.

The group shows up at Ryan’s with lots of junk food. They refer to it as “calorie aversion therapy.” Owen (Tyler James Williams) brings a kit kat lasagna. It might be fattening just to type that out.

They eat and eat and eat some more. They are all groaning when Lauren shows up. She has been stewing because the group questioned her relationship with Wyatt. They’ve been together three years and have never talked about marriage. She shows them all pictures of how much she loves Wyatt (and never mind that she couldn’t bring herself to say that to him).

Ryan tells her that he fell in love with Janie on their third date. They went to the batting cages and she insisted that all the pitches were out of the strike zone. He thought she was crazy and realized he never wanted to be without her. He then tells Lauren that “if you don’t know, you know. You know?”

This episode also offered a bit more on Danny (Seth Morris). Danny is still living with his unfaithful wife and her lover and their baby. He allowed Hector, the lover, to borrow his truck, and the jerk wrecked it. Somehow, Danny always smiles anyway. He tells Ryan that he goes to Harborville in his head. Harborville seems to sort of be like a 1950s small town as might be imagined in a Sandra Dee movie. Ryan thinks he needs to snap out of that and tells him so.

Photo: Throw on your old-timey clothes and kick up your feet, East Coasters -- it's Go On time!

Danny finally snaps when his wife asks him to babysit so she and Hector could go out on her and Danny’s anniversary. He leaves Harborville by taking a sledgehammer to Hector’s mustang. He lets Ryan graffiti it. Afterwards, Ryan goes to Harborville too. No, really, he does, it’s how he stops grief eating. He does it in Harborville. The group might be rubbing off on Ryan just a bit.

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