God Save The Queen

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“God save our gracious Queen long live our noble Queen, God save our Queen…

The childhood song will forever be embedded in my memory. We little six years sang that song in 1961. We also saluted to the union jack while we, “pledged our allegiance to this flag and to the commonwealth for which it stands…

We Canadian first graders didnÂ’t understand any of the words were saying after all we were too young.

Later, the Union Jack was replaced with our own flag the Maple Leaf in 1965, and we simply exchanged the words to, “We pledge allegiance to this flag and to Canada for which it stands.”

We didnÂ’t understand what allegiance meant but we had a pretty good idea what God save our Queen meant. We sang Oh Canada and we continued to sing God Save Our Queen.

We were taught to respect the Queen even though she lived in a different country. Never in our wildest dreams would we have ever fathomed that someone would want to kill her. Why would anyone want to kill a king or Queen? They were nice people whom we read about in fairytales. Okay some were not so nice, but for the most part they were nice people who took care of their kingdom and their royal subjects. Gosh all these years later, I look at those words “royal subjects” and realize just how little, bestowing an identity on the common people, was valued in those days, They were no common people just subjects.

However, it appears that not everyone believes that it is important to save the Queen or, maybe God does Save the Queen as evidenced by the failed attempts on her life?

Nine years afterward, a plot to assassination Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh was being planned out. The plot to kill the Queen and Prince Philip was kept secret until today.

Retired detective Cliff McHardy, maintains that while Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were traveling by train from Sidney to the town of Orange in Australia on April 29, 1970, a log was planted on the track to derail the train and cause the death of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Fortunately the train hit the log but was not thrown off course. Had the train been going any faster it would have derailed plunging into an embankment.

Len Ashworth, a junior crime reporter for the Lithgow Mercury at the time, corroborates the story and says the police told the newspaper to keep quiet. Today, Len Ashworth is the managing editor of the Lithgow Mercury. Ashworth maintains that although they were not allowed to print the story yet the whole town new about it. Amazingly, the secret has been well preserved because Buckingham Palace was not aware of the attempt on the lives of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The Australian federal police are now investigating the incident to verify the alleged assassination attempt recently reported to the Lithgow Mercury by Cliff McHardy.

In 2007, another plot to kill the Queen was foiled. The Ugandan Government unraveled a plot to kill the Queen that was said to have been orchestrated by Al Qaeda terrorists who posed as two camera crews for the Commonwealth Summit. They planned on blowing up the Queen with explosives. As a result, there was no coverage of the QueenÂ’s Summit speech on November 22, 2007.

Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, the Uganda Minister of Internal Affairs, said: “We received information that a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda, the Allied Democratic Forces, was planning to carry out terrorist activities at the Commonwealth meeting. The security services in Uganda neutralised these threats.”

Queen Elizabeth narrowly escaped death at the hands of would be assassins on two separate occasions. Could it be that little six year olds a continent away who sang, God Save Our Queen, in 1961 had any impact on the life of this great monarch?

I would like to think so.

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