God’s Little Jelly (may it bring you a smile…)

God’s Little Jelly


©2012 Robert C Burnham

Dedicated to Anne Somers; unc teacher, biologist, God’s child


There was a time in old days fashioned

When God created some jelly – protoplasm

That first amoeba; creation so never-ending

From which, all of us, just keeps descending

From life, that first amoeba, never severed

For God designed that little guy to live forever

And as that piece of jelly kept on splitting

Came many wondrous critters – oh quite fitting

Birds of the air and Fish of the sea

Beasts of the field; and finally, We

All on a path to God’s holy solution

Taught to all of us in class as – ‘evolution’

God’s little jelly kept growing, and soon

Came along Aristotle, Newton, Crockett and Boone

There was David, King Solomon, a man on a Cross

From that tiny amoeba; no fluke of a toss

“Evolution’, “Schmevolution’ – no matter the call,

God and His little jelly – They made us all!



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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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