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We rely on Trader Joe’s for giving us the affordable, organic, health food we love. It’s hard to fulfill our dietary needs and desires with the million things we’ve got to do everyday, but Joe’s is a good start (www.traderjoes.com). With Trader Joe’s, meals are fast and easy to do without the drawbacks of fast food. Even the pre-packaged, ready to eat meals- curry, wraps, salads, sushi- are good for us. Along with our typical favorites, we can also get the more exotic favorites of current diet fads. 

Goji berry tops the charts in the world of miracle diets. The shriveled, raisin like, little red berry may be a miracle worker with all of its potential benefits, especially as a source of antioxidants, but it’s hard to get. While we still have no way of knowing if all of the promises of goji berry are true- does it really fight and prevent cancer?- it certainly can’t hurt to add a little bit of it into our everyday. (For a full profile of the goji berry’s health stats, check out: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/completeazindex/a/goji.htm).

We don’t have to go to China or pay bundles for it online to enjoy it. Trader Joe’s sells a goji berry trail mix so we can get in on the action without spending $50/ 32 oz of goji juice. Trail mix is also a good way to go because, as I recently discovered on sampling the berry by itself, it doesn’t do much for the taste buds. Don’t worry about not getting enough of the berry to benefit from its nutrients; the trail mix should be just enough. It’s best to not go overboard until we know more about possible side effects of the berry.

The side effects aren’t cause for concern, but according to WebMD there may be some herb-drug interactions to be aware of: warfarin or certain diabetes and blood pressure meds shouldn’t combine with goji (http://www.webmd.com/balance/goji-berries-health-benefits-and-side-effects). Other than that, be sure to ask about goji trail mix the next time you visit Trader Joe’s.

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