Gold Rush Alaska Recap 2/3: Winter pushes Todd to Make Risky Decisions

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“Gold Rush Alaska” continued last night with the Hoffman crew pulling their first gold nugget ever out of the ground, and sitting on 40 ounces of gold so far this season. With just weeks to go before the winter weather sets in, Todd purposes a risky move, which could see them pull more gold per day out of their claim, or leave them finding nothing.

Many of the gold mining camps have pulled up shop and headed home with the unforgiving winter weather soon to arrive, but the Hoffman’s are hanging in there until the last possible moment.

Todd purposes cutting into new land, instead of mining what’s open. This will eat up a good deal of their time, but if Todd’s right about the large gold deposit in the new land, they could pull more gold out of the earth daily than ever before, giving them the best chance at hitting their goal of 100 ounces of gold. If he’s wrong, the season will end up a bust again.

After much debate between the men on the crew, they decide to go with Todd’s plan, but also mine the land they’ve cut by splitting the crew in two to work in each area. The Hoffman crew has not been lucky since starting their gold mining venture, but their luck is about to change. The cut that’s already open yields more gold than they’ve seen yet, producing a few nuggets along with the tiny particles of gold.

If Todd did get his way, they wouldn’t have this gold from this cut. Once Todd’s new cut’s checked for gold, it proves Todd’s theory is on the money. One test pan yields an ample amount of gold and they didn’t go that far down to get it. Now they have two areas with gold just ready for the taking!

Dakota Fred’s camp finds a gold deposit way down below the bedrock, so his crew decides to stay and unearth some of this gold before the winter sets in. Digging this deep near a river entails water flooding the hole he’s excavating. He’s removing it with a pump that’s barely keeping up with the water that’s flowing in. Fred’s mining comes to an abrupt stop when his excavator comes off its track. It’s stuck near rising water and unless they get it fixed quickly, it’s just a matter of time before it gets completely submerged.

A lot’s been said about Fred’s work ethics, especially after ripping the Hoffman’s claim out from under them in the beginning of the season, but this man’s talented when it comes to working with these big machines. He makes it look like an easy fix and they’re up and running and digging down to the bedrock. Fred’s camp has 50 ounces of gold so far and from now on, anything they pull from the earth is profit!

At Parker’s camp things turn sad as Parker’s grandfather has a heart attack. This 16-year-old mining manager is beside himself with worry. It’s his grandfather’s mine he’s running and this is the man that’s taught him everything he knows. He tells the camera crew that his grandfather is the most important person in his life. His mining is at a standstill now. John’s airlifted to Anchorage and underwent surgery to have two stents put in his arteries. After just 24 hours of being in the hospital he wants to go back to the mine. The man is 91 years old and Parker insists he takes at least two weeks up.

The season is winding down with all three camps experiencing their ups and downs this week. It looks like the Hoffman crew might come in close to their goal, but there’s still a few episodes to go and viewers know that just about anything can happen.

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