Golden Corn VitaTops

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A few weeks ago, a family friend mentioned how wonderful the VitaTops Golden Corn Muffin Tops were. Lo and behold, I saw them in the store, so I immediately bought a box.

I had my first one this morning and was surprised by a few things:

1) These are a lot bigger than I imagined!

2) Only 4 per box!? What a rip.

3) They are only ONE WEIGHT WATCHER POINT!? Holy awesomeness. Granted, there are 10 grams of fiber!

Taste-wise, they are good, but not amazing. I think they would be much better with butter slathered all over them (or just a smidge of butter to up the ante, but not the points).

Filling-wise, it didn’t satisfy me for as long as some of my other breakfasts, but it got me through my gym workout.

Would I buy them again? If they were on sale. And I’d be tempted to try other flavors. And maybe some of the interesting recipes they have online!

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