Golden Globes 2010 Best Dressed [photos]

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The Golden Globes are the first awards ceremony of the season, it is where actors and actresses can make a statement on the red carpet–trying new things to see what works, before the big Oscar night.  The Golden Globes are a more relaxed award show, the guests sit at round tables with food and wine all night (as if they eat or drink it…) they get to mingle during commercial breaks, all-in-all it is a very “down-to-earth” night for the stars.  Keeping the the laid back theme I pictured many of actresses, particularly the younger ones like January Jones and Lea Michele, to don short fun dresses, much like Julia Roberts and Ginnifer Goodwin.  However most opted for the long evening gown.

The trend on the red carpet was the one-shoulder dress and neutral tones.  My opinion on the neutral tones is that they probably look much better in person, but do not photograph well–especially in January when most people do not have their summer glow.

Last night during the Golden Globes red carpet it was pouring rain, but you cannot tell because everyone stayed put together–no make up melting or soaked gowns. The hair, I believe, was done by the hairdressers in anticipation for rain, no one–not even Nicole Kidman–had stick straight hair.  Hair was mostly loose and curly! Perfect for a rainy day.

Here are my picks for the best one-shoulder dresses:





However I think that Marion Cotillard knocked this category out of the ball park and is best dressed for one-shoulder dresses.  The jewel-tone, the drapery, the sexy slit with lace, and those shoes!!! Her hair and minimal jewelry really tie the whole look together, for the perfect laid back, sexy yet sophisticated look.  Well done Marion.  Jennifer Aniston looks amazing, her body is incredible and she shows it off so well in a sexy, classic black jazzed up with a thigh-high slit and tousled beach hair–again minimal jewelry not to distract from the gown and her face.

Kate Winslet is always classic and sophisticated, she reigns high on my best dressed list based on the simplicity of her aesthetics.  She defines beauty and grace.

New to the red carpet Anna Kendrick looked fabulous, although I would have liked to see her in something shorter and more fun, but definitely understanding her choice with the gown, considering she is a rookie to the red carpet.  She still looks fabulous, but maybe next time she’ll be a little more daring.

Next on my Golden Globes Best Dressed is the Black Dress Category: Most people think black dresses are BORING, but these ladies show that with the right cut, texture, and hairstyle they turn these basic black dresses into drop dead gorgeous Best Dressed quality looks. Vera Farmiga, Lea Michele, Penelope Cruz, Carey Mulligan, and January Jones…




These women all looked ravishing in basic black.  My Best Best Dressed in this category is Penelope Cruz–not just because I’ve met her and think she is the nicest person ever, but because she knows what works for her.  Everything about her look is amazing, the lace, the mermaid cut, her beautiful hair…absolutely stunning.

Carey Mulligan and Lea Michele, again, I wish were wearing shorter, more fun dresses.  Their looks are beautiful but a little old for their ages.

I am obsessed with January Jones headband, she always looks stunning, a combination of her 60s character Betty Draper and a modern day woman–the perfect combination.  I also love how Vera Farmiga went dark, with her hair and her look…daring and delightful to look at!

Next category the NEUTRAL LADIES–I do not normally like neutral dresses, but I think these women pulled the look off extremely well–also I am glad I watched the Golden Globes on television because their dresses looked a lot better on TV rather than in these pictures.  Here they are my Best Dressed list for neutral dresses:





The neutral colors worked for these women: Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Gardner.  My disappointment only lies with Emily Blunt who I wish channeled her “Devil Wears Prada” character and rocked something totally D&G circa 2008.

Kate Hudson’s dress, although gorgeous in color, I think is a little too structured, but completely works for her.  I tend to think Kate has a boyish body, but in this dress she looks like she has the curves of Penelope, fabulous.

Drew and Jennifer keep it somewhat classic with a beautiful twist with either an asymmetrical cut or added accessories.  I think neutral tones are difficult because they tend to wash a person out, but Jennifer’s dark hair ad red lips shine over her dress.  Drew Barrymore’s classic hair and minimal accessories really lets herself shine through–wearing her dress and not letting it wear her.  Bravo.


My final category for Golden Globes 2010 Best Dressed is COLOR SPLASH:  Some of the stars really went for a beautiful color, in my opinion emulating what the Golden Globes are all about–fun, relaxing, stunningly beautiful.  Here is my list:



Please don’t forget Ginnifer Goodwin’s beautiful short blue dress, which I think is the overall Best Dressed look for the Golden Globes.  I love the colors of these dresses, Diane Kruger’s pink blend looks fabulous, very old Hollywood glamor.  Cameron Diaz, I think red is her best color–all of her looks that I have adored she has been wearing red.  Her look is classic sophisticate and works for her beautifully.

Sandra Bullock, WOW!  She looks absolutely stunning, I love seeing her in this kind of environment because I think she is one of the most eloquent and gracious people out there.  I am glad she won for “The Blind Side” because we got to stare at her dress for a little longer.  The purple is beautiful and absolutely works with her skin tone and hair.  Her loose up-do works with her go-with-the-flow personality, and the feel of the Golden Globes…stunning.

Fergie, classy and beautiful.  Fergie’s blue/purple dress looks absolutely gorgeous.  It fits her to a T.  I like that she went more conservative than her usual low cut, short, tight, dresses.  Very appropriate for her married status.  Her hair color is gorgeous and her body is rocking.  She looks like a natural on the red carpet, beautiful.

I hope you like my list of the Golden Globes Best Dressed.  I would love to hear your comments on who you think looked the best, if I missed anyone you think deserves to be on this list, or anyone who shouldn’t be on it.

Happy styling!

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