Golf Trick Shots by the Jonas Brothers? (Video)

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It’s not easy being the Jonas Brothers, what with the world fame and all. Just like the Beatles, they probably have to lay low a lot in hotel rooms and recording studios. Which brings a lot of down time.

Of course, the Fab Four spent their days experimenting with drugs and mysticism, but that was a different time. How do the Bros handle the boredom?

By becoming golf trick shot pros. Sort of.

In the video below, Nick shows off some serious putting skills acquired, obviously, through the many hours of tedium between screaming tweeny fests and endless recording sessions.

(By the way, there’s a teaser at the end about some new Jonas Brothers music coming out soon. Hey, it isn’t all play and no work.)

Nick even skips one trick shot off a wall and right in to the cup. Take that, Tiger!

Shot on a midtown Manhattan rooftop, there’s some real gems in the bunch. Hopefully, they’ll score another hole in one when that next album does come out.


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