Golshifteh Farahani Nude Photo Shoot: Actress Speaks on Naked Magazine Pictures

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Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani in a nude photo shoot caused plenty of uproar in her homeland. Due to her naked magazine pictures for a French magazine, the Iranian government forbid her from returning home. Recently Farahani spoke out about it all.

While Farahani’s nude pose on Madame Le Figaro magazine isn’t fully naked, the idea that she is bare (with hands covering her breasts) is enough to have her banned from her country. However, the actress did this for the sake of making a major statement about cultural taboos. According to Bikyamasr.com, Farahani had the following to say regarding the symbolism of her nude photos:

“The objective is to liberate their soul and bodies at the same time. As long as an individual has no power over her or his body and their soul does not have the command of the way they wish to think, then they do not have a true freedom.

Although I do not think looking at the nude photo of another human may have an attraction, but it is certainly far more enjoyable than looking at the fully covered and burqa and hejab wearing body of a woman who has been wrapped and imprisoned by her man. So much for not looking at women as sex symbols as the fundamentalists want us to believe!”

Basically, Farahani is standing up, or exposing herself, for freedom’s sake. She wants to shed cultural and societal restrictions that women face in her country. Unfortunately, it may take a lot more than her photo shoots to get the government to change its mind. She’s one woman, and that isn’t enough to change things, although it could get things started in the right direction. However, it won’t be an easy task, as Farahani is forbidden from returning to her country. Other women from her country who even speak about the topic could face consequences as well.

One Iranian government official commented that the actress “should be put to jail or worse for this crazy idea.” That goes to show the opposition that Golshifteh Farahani is facing in her country. It’s ironic that she became an international acting icon after starring in a 2008 movie called “Body of Lies” along with Leonardo DiCaprio. Now she is looking to show her body as truth, and that truth is that she believes in the freedom to express herself.

Will one woman posing naked be enough to change things, or will she need more women in her country to follow suit and help her? Should Farahani continue to protest in this manner, or move on to other more political strategies?

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