Golshifteh Farahani Nude Photo Shoot Inspires Facebook Firestorm

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Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani posed nude in a french magazine called Madame Le Figaro, and this has sparked a firestorm of controversy on a Facebook page in support of her decision. The French Film Academy also included the actress in a video (warning brief nudity) along with several other celebrities stripping off their clothing.

In the nude photos, Golshifteh Farahani actually cupped her hands over her breasts to preserve her modesty. Even this, though, was too much for the Government of Iran. They told her not to bother ever coming back.

It seems that many Iranians have opinions about the actress’s bold move. Some believe that she betrayed Islam and her country by baring her breasts for cameras. However, others applaud her boldness.

A comment on the Facebook page in support of her that is representative of those who support the actress said, “Good for you Golshifteh dear! For once an Iranian with guts has come out to show we are just like anyone else in this world. You can model and do whatever you like, just like every woman from Los Angeles to Tokyo.”

Of course, there are some detractors as well who do not support her posing for nude pictures. Representative of those people was a commenter who wrote, “I’m ashamed to call you an Iranian.”

While it must be difficult for the actress to no longer have a home country to go back to, this nude picture controversy has certainly made Golshifteh Farahani a name that is recognized throughout the world, which has to be good for her career overall.

Being in the U.S. and seeing pictures like this on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to imagine the world that this actress came from. For her to make this decision is incredibly bold. What do you think about the controversy her nude photos sparked?

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