Golshifteh Farahani Nude Pictures Join 3 Other Muslim Actresses’ Naked Photos

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Pictures of Golshifteh Farahani nude from “Madame Le Figaro” magazine have continued to be popular online as they created controversy. However, Farahani is one of four Muslim actresses who has posed nude.

While Golshifteh Farahani’s naked scandal is the latest one capturing attention, many have also recently heard about Pakistani actress Veena Malik. According to International Business Times’ article, Malik grabbed new attention late in 2011 after posing nude for “FHM India” or at least posing topless. The actress claimed that she was “morphed” or photoshopped on the cover to look nude. However, Veena certainly grabbed the spotlight with the controversy, which also included her father disowning her and her being criticized by officials in her country. In America, there’s rarely claims that a nude cover was photoshopped, but rather that cell phone pictures were “leaked.”

Veena and Golshifteh are two of the more recent Muslim celebs to go topless or nude. Previously, it was Sila Sahin and Nadia Boussetta. Sahin is a 25-year-old Turkish-German actress. While a resident of Berlin, she posed naked for the cover of the German “Playboy” magazine shocking conservative Muslim fans. She claimed she did this to demand the liberty that she deserved. In the US, Lindsay Lohan posed naked for “Playboy” to demand the money she needed because her movie career hadn’t been cutting it.

Meanwhile, Nadia Boussetta, posed in a rather racy photo shoot to promote her movie “Tunisian Tales.” On the cover of “Tunivision” mag, she wore just a waistcoat and pair of jeans. It gave fans a view of her cleavage along with her hair uncovered. That was plenty to raise eyebrows and had critics saying she was “using (her) body as a cheap commodity.” This sort of exposure rarely gets that sort of criticism as the phrase “sex sells” seems to reign supreme.

In the United States, it seems there’s a new celebrity posing naked, having nude cell phone pics leaked to the world, or doing something racy. However, these four women mentioned above have endured harsher criticism based on their religion and/or cultural values. Will it take a lot more Muslim actresses posing naked to start making some changes, or will these women simply be doing it for self-exposure?

Of the four women, it still seems like Golshifteh has it made in terms of Hollywood, but one never knows when Veena Malik might do something more controversial next!

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