Good Afternoon, Gatherers !

Hello out there, I hope that you have had a great day so far.

Today Mom and I had Niko.  We went out in the morning to the post office and Michael’s Crafts.  While at Michael’s, Mom went to look at the yarn Niko and I played with the puppets that were in a discount display.  He found a pig, and that prompted the both of us putting on English accents and acting out parts of the “Peppa the Pig” show.  It was pretty hilarious. ;)  When Mom came to find us she said she could hear us all the way across the store. ;)  Oh, well.  We asked Niko if he wanted to go to he park while we were out, but he said no.  He has to be in the mood. ;)

When we came home, I mowed the back lawn then pulled some weeds, and Niko helped Mom water and replant something in a bigger pot.

While we were doing that, my brother called to say that he had gotten off work early, so he came and had lunch with us, and “weed whacked” the long grass in the backyard that was growing in places that weren’t lawn mower friendly.  Tomorrow I’ll have to rake all of the loose grass up. ;p

After they went home Mom went for her nap, and I did Bible study, and now I am on the puter.  I’ve told the folks on ebay that I sent their packages, and now I’m here saying hello to you folks. :)

Hope you’ve all had a great day so far. :D


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