“Good Day New York’s” Rosanna Scotto Employs Unusual Euphemism for Milk On Air (Video)

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Rosanna Scotto, the inexplicably long-lived New York area news anchor who’s been co-hosting Good Day New York for the past couple of years, came up with a sex-related euphemism for milk during this morning’s broadcast.

The topic: Can you call milk that doesn’t come from a cow milk? Co-host Greg Kelly opined that you can, since the phrase “mother’s milk” didn’t emanate from cows. Before more mammalian examples could be brought up (goats, sheep, Robert De Niro), the topic was narrowed to soy milk. Soybeans don’t actually produce milk, you see.

Kelly remained steadfast. “What else would you call it, ‘soy juice’?” That’s when Scotto, with a naughty smirk, came up with her own term that starts “soy j” and ends in … well, see for yourself:

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