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There are people who pass through your life and you wish they had just kept going.  I met; let’s call this idiot Will, in 2000 when I volunteered in a resource center for people with Mental Health issues. The dork (I want to say something else but I can’t) in question had loads of baggage and was always happy to host his own pity party.  There isn’t enough cheese in the world to go with this guy’s whine. Will was the kind of guy that leeched onto anyone who would listen. He was 23 in real years but was obsessed with getting lucky like a perpetually horny teenager. However, he was mentally and emotionally a little boy, not a man.

He tried to engage any woman, especially women at least ten years older, he met into exchange phone #s so he could talk dirty and get his ya-ya’s out. I was one of his targets. I was 36 at the time and he kept turning up places I would be and flirt outrageously. He didn’t even care when my ten year old daughter was with me. If I hadn’t felt vulnerable at the time I might have ditched him sooner. I had a policy of giving everyone a chance. I was hoping he would mellow out and grow up. Unfortunately that never happened at least not soon enough for me. At first I felt bad for him but when he started following me home I got mad and called the cops. We had his phone at work in case we had to contact him for some official reason, so I looked it up and gave the police his address as well and they went to speak to him. He didn’t like this one bit and claimed we were persecuting him unfairly. He wrote a letter to me threatening to tell my bosses I sexually harassed him and took advantage of his delicate psyche; again more whining on Wills part. Fortunately the higher powers where I worked knew how the guy operated and totally discounted his claims and banned him from the center. My life would have been so much better off without him as my shadow and my daughter thought he was creepy and was glad when I finally got rid of the dude.

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