‘Good Morning America’ Finally Edges Out ‘Today’ For Top Spot

It’s official! ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA) has finally edged out NBC’s long-running Today for the top spot. It’s been 16 years since the latter show weighed in at anything other than number one and its competition is taking advantage of it.

To celebrate, GMA threw a party, complete with cork-popping bubbly. All the key players showed up too, including ABC News President, Ben Sherwood. Diane Sawyer, Lara Spencer, George Stephanopoulos, Sam Campion and others were also on hand. In other words, the entire crew showed up, including former popular GMA host—Charlie Gibson.

Robin Roberts toasted the show’s success but was quick to note something important. “We’re the face of it (GMA),” she told the cast and crew. “But it’s all you. Everyone in this building is a team.”

The two rivals—Today and Good Morning America—have often finished neck and neck. However, the former show usually managed to edge out the latter. That is, until last week when GMA finally took the lead.

Now the question is this: Can GMA hold the lead? That’s hard to say. However, it’s clear that both shows have amazing talent and that they’ll stay competitors for years to come.

As for complaints that GMA is gloating. Come on, now. It’s been 16 years. Let them gloat for a minute or two.

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