‘Good Morning America’ Vet Robin Roberts Takes Ill During the Show

Fans must hand it to Good Morning America (GMA) host Robin Roberts. She’s acted like a trooper reporting to work while undergoing pre-treatment for a bone marrow transplant. However, Roberts scared everyone yesterday when she suddenly disappeared mid-show. She was there a minute before the break and she was absent when the cameras started rolling again.

GMA anchor Josh Elliott explained away Robert’s absence by saying they “decided to let Robin go about halfway through” the show. Still, her sudden departure got fans worrying about her health. After all, they know she is suffering from a blood disease — myelodysplastic syndrome. They’re worried she might have met with sudden complications.

Roberts, however, dispelled some of the rumors by explaining what happened. She wrote “…the pre-treatment for MDS finally caught up with me Tuesday.” However, she also explained that her upcoming leave has nothing to do with her treatment for the disease in question. She’s simply going on vacation. She jokingly added that “R&R is ready for a little R&R.” She also thanked her fans for their concern, well wishes and support.

Here’s hoping Robin will be back in her chair soon; happy and healthy. She’s a Good Morning America favorite. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.

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