Good Night My Darling

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As I lay next to you my blue eyes are focus on your chest going up and down. On the table on your side of the bed is a picture of us on the beach fooling around laughing we were 11 then. Thats the picture that always come to mind when I think of us. laughing joking both of us inhaling each others life force. I remember when we first met I glance up from my book and there you were four sits ahead of me. You smiled and waved I shyly smile back and then look away. You said even then you knew we would be together. I laughed and gently brush away my hair from my eyes and said oh you silly boy. Now we are both 60 our appearance have change quite a bit. Your blown locks have been replace with gray hair. My once dark alomond brown hair is now replace with yellowish white hair. Do you remember our first kiss? It was a beautiful summer day the sun was shining the sky was blue. Then all of a sudden It just started raining really hard. We both quickly got up you took of your shirt. Are you insane I ask my blue eyes glancing at his bare chest? Don’t take of your shirt you will get sick I said looking at him concernly. He smiled don’t worry about me he said as long as your okay thats all that matters. I want just to take care of you will you let me he ask? Before I could answer he held his shirt over my head thats when I look into his eyes. I place my lips on top of his viola our first kiss. He pulled away with a surprised look on his face. What I ask my blue eyes fill with concern. Nothing he quietly stammered and look away.It’s just that I wanted to kiss you the first time I saw you in mrs glecker class. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I thought you looked so cute concentrating on your book. here you are right in front of me. He turn back around and looked me in my eyes. I saw traces of tears in his eyes. I reach up and brush away his tears.  For me it was that simple From then on I was yours and you were mine. “For sickness and for health till death do us part.” Were the words I said unto you and you said unto me. I still remember that day. I wore the wedding dress that had been past down from brides to brides. You wore your blue suit your blown hair  ruffle in place and your blue eyes sparkle. Honey he wisper I love you. Suddenly the image of us saying I do and then kissing slowly begin fading away. I look again at his side of the bed and replied. I love you too I wisper and then I put my arms around him my eyes slowly close. Good night my darling


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