Goofy News Round-Up:O.J. to Colbert

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"Fool me once" category-

O.J. Simpson's lawyers begged his judge to throw out the case against their client, but the judge declined.  In an unrelated case, a fifty-something police officer aroused the interest of authorities when his wife disappeared. She ran off, claimed the officer. But the funny thing is, this was wife #4, and wife #3 drowned in a bathtub, according to him. Is there a common thread here of "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" ?  Stay tuned.

What next? category-

Blackwater security was judged deficient by FBI investigators in the use of deadly force in a September 16 incident in Baghdad that killed 17 Iraqi civilians.  A couple days later, the State Department Inspector General in charge of the investigation recused himself from the case because his brother works with Blackwater. What the______?

Tides of Democracy in Pakistan-

President for Life Musharraf in Pakistan stated in advance of talks with U.S. envoy John Negroponte that "I don't take ultimatums from anyone".  You go, dude!  Prove to President Bush that a tide of democracy is sweeping through the Islamic world! Not.

Mexican Stand Off??

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has backed off from a pledge to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. I still think I may have been right, he seemed to say, but nobody else thinks so, so hell with it.  Our current situation regarding illegal immigration seems to be sort of a, uh, pardon the phrase, "Mexican stand off". Yes we all want to build a big wall and make it difficult for illegals to live here. But are we willing to pay twice as much for our California lettuce or our bacon or our new house in order to dry up all the jobs that brought them here in the first place?



Buffett disses anti-tax crowd

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in U.S. history, appeared before a Senate committee. He used the occasion to badmouth those who wish to eliminate the estate tax. Buffett termed the phrase "death tax" to be "clever, Orwellian, and dead wrong"- despite the fact that he could have left more billions to his heirs without it. Buffett apparently feels that the American Dream is about making your own way in the world, rather than sitting on Dad's money until you die. Evil, demented man. What is wrong with him? Yes that is sarcasm in case you wondered.

Colbert in tight electoral race!

It is a sad thing that Stephen Colbert is no longer in the presidential race, since he failed miserably in South Carolina. But in Williamsburg, Virginia, Colbert gained three votes as a write-in candidate for the local soil and water conservation district. Those 3 votes were enough to lock him into a close race with two other candidates, each of whom also received three votes!!!!!

But since Colbert does not in fact live in Williamsburg, sorry, he is out. Poor Stephen! Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

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