Google Acquires Robotic Company

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Forget Skynet, the Terminator nemesis of mankind. Google wants robotic companies like Boston Dynamics in order to move from the online world to the physical in a positive way, according to Carnegie Mellon University professor Illah Nourbakhsh.

The author of Robot Futures believes that the search engine giant is acquiring these types of electronic companies to possibly aid them in delivering the most up-to-date information to online searchers. But Boston Dynamics is a company that makes military robotics, so others are concerned.

Twitter is alive with people who think so, like Mike Beas, who said that the Bing and Yahoo! competitor “just bought the hardware for an army of terminators.” And Arsenio Santos, who tweeted that, “I hearby stop my Skynet warnings and start prepping my bunker.” Or, Mr. Grumio, who wonders if Google has become an arms dealer.

Robotics is the wave of the future, and those created at Boston Dynamics appear to be some of the most advanced robotics out there, with CNN Money saying this robotics company creates “super-fast, animal-like” robots in look.

What do you think about the acquisition of as many as six robotics companies in one year? And what do you think their agenda is for buying robotic companies when they are an online search engine instead of a brick and mortar kind of business? And do you want one of these scary looking robots to be in your neighborhood gathering intel for an online map?

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