Google Body Browser Lets You Explore Human Anatomy

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Google’s Body Browser has launched in beta and looks to be something that could become very popular with students and educators. The Body Browser allows you to explore the human anatomy in the same 3D way that you can explore Google Earth or Street View. Just search for the part of the anatomy that interests you. Locating your uvula or spleen is now as easy as pie. Click and watch the layers of flesh and muscle peel away, then spin the organ for a three dimensional view. According to Mashable, this cool new application also supports multitouch devices.


Close-up of the bone structure of a human body The bad news is that this anatomically intriguing fun is currently only available for browsers with Web GL support so everyone will not immediately be able to take their clavicles for a spin. If you visit Google’s Body Browser site while using Google Chrome beta, your foot will be in the door. Otherwise, you’ll be directed to WebGL to get a WebGL implementation for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Chromium.

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