Google Doodle Celebrates Charles Dickens 200th Birthday

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One of the world’s most notable storytellers is being honored, in an artsy sort of way, by an Internet company known for giving recognition to some of the world’s greatest minds. Today a new Google Doodle recognizes Charles Dickens on what would have been his 200th birthday! What a clever logo to post! Even those who do not have an appreciation for poetry, or writings from his time, will usually have a general knowledge of Dickens to some extent.

The new logo posted on the search landing page for the internet giant shows a collage of some of Charles Dickens’s most classic characters. In the logo visitors can see drawings of Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Pip, and other favorite characters from some of Dickens’ writings. Are childhood memories of A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, or Oliver Twist coming to mind?

One online article about the Charles Dickens Google Doodle says Prince Charles of Wales is expected to visit London’s Dickens Museum on Tuesday, as well as Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey to lay a wreath where Charles Dickens was buried in 1870.

What are your thoughts on the Charles Dickens Google Doodle from today? Which of his writings is your favorite?

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