Google Earth Oddities and Product Placements? (Video)

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Google Earth has been known to reveal some real oddities in the past, but has it now entered the realm of product placements?

A new video on YouTube seems to show that the popular app may be being used to generate some advertising dollars in a whole new way.

The video blasts off all around the world and lands in 10 geographical locations which hold some surprises, including what looks like the fuselage of a downed airplane in a farmer’s field, an Indian’s head eroded from a mountain range, and an unusual parking lot shaped like a swastika.

Why someone would want such a thing is anyone’s guess, but it does point out that some of these images are just ticks of the eye. Unless it was intentional. Thus, very creepy.

But has Google begun renting out space on the program for some more beloved images?

In the video, there are locations sporting the Coca-Cola logo, the Batman distress signal, and even more curiously, the Firefox insignia.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it seems suspicious.

Recently, many strange images have popped up on Google Earth, most prominently some UFO sightings which have yet to be fully explained. In fact, this video includes one as well.

Is it possible to hack the application? Or is the search engine giant just looking for more ways to monetize the vast real estate potential of a digital billboard spanning the entire globe?

It’s an interesting, and possibly, a very lucrative proposition.

Here’s the video:

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