Google Glass Snaps World Changing Photo

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A picture taken by a Google Glass user is sweeping the web because it’s arguably the first of its kind: hands-free photography.

The photo, of a boy being swung by the hands, shows more dramatically the potential of this new technology than nearly any other image could. Did the Earth just move?

With a jump in user-friendly, futuristic gadgetry that may out rival the advent of digital photography, this new product has the capability of forever changing the way the world interacts with the Internet.

Although this picture, taken by team leader Sebastian Thrun as he played with his son, doesn’t seem remarkable at first glance, it soon becomes clear that this new technology represents a liberation from the way photographs have been taken, and shared, since the dawn of the camera obscura.

Imagine if everything anyone ever does anytime can be uploaded to Instagram before they’re finished doing it. Or something like that. At this point, the idea hasn’t fully sunk in yet.

The point is, Google Glass is probably poised to take over the world, and this is that last deep breath before the plunge.

It’s time to say hello to the future and welcome it with open arms.

Hands-free of course…

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