Google Pulls April Fools’ Day 2012 Joke on Internet

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Google pulled an April Fools’ Day joke on the Internet. What did the search giant do to trick people? The search giant turned its Google Maps portal into an 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

Google Pulls April Fools' Day 2012 Joke on InternetTo make sure they really pulled people’s legs, Google actually pulled its April Fools’ Day joke a day early, so that people were truly fooled. The 8-bit map sported “beautiful low-res graphics, simple and intuitive controls, and a timeless soundtrack.” Isn’t that just what you always wanted in your maps?

The search giant also released the first ever Morse Keyboard for Android. So, for 2012, the theme was retro, old school technology. Do you think you would appreciate the Morse Keyboard for super fast texting ability? Yeah, probably not.

Check out the entire Google April Fools’ Day joke in the video below. It fully explains the entire trick, and shows all the amazing features of the NES map. Were you fooled?

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