Google Resuming CR48 Shipments

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When Google initially promised several thousand free CR48 Google laptops, many were disappointed when the Internet giant put a sudden halt on the process. Fortunately, they’ve started shipping these amazing laptops again! Computer nerds rejoice — and if you signed up for a free one, hope isn’t lost for you yet.

Google Chrome Cr 48

One source raises a question about Google’s motives for resuming the shipment of the CR48 laptop. In recent news, it’s been revealed that Google teamed up with Acer and Samsung to produce a sleeker version of the same cloud-based machine. Could they possibly be unloading their inventory so they can focus on their mergers with these high-end brand names? Great thought to ponder!

The Google CR48 is ideal for users who don’t expect high-performance or a lot of hard drive space. It’s primarily cloud-based, with a small hard drive. It encourages people to save their necessary documents, photos and other files online to avoid losing them — something that hard drives don’t offer. Kudos to Google for their team-up with Samsung and Acer; perhaps the new CR48 will look and work great.

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