Google Voice Search for the PC has Arrived

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Google has added a new feature to their Chrome internet browser’s Google search engine. Google Voice Search is its name, and it has been a feature available to smart phone users for some time.

It makes sense to use voice search on your smart phone. It is especially useful if you are looking for directions while in the car, and don’t have your hands free to type in your search request.

This particular search feature for the PC is something that the world has been anxiously awaiting, and is only available if Chrome is your internet browser. Probably, the truth is, most Chrome users haven’t even noticed it.

When you go to the Chrome Google search page you will see a little microphone icon located within the area where you type your search text. You just click on the microphone, and a little box will pop up that tells you to “speak now.” You have to speak directly into the microphone to get the best result. Also, if your television is on, you might need to turn the volume down or mute the sound. Otherwise, Google will give you some pretty funny results.

For instance, with the volume pretty loud on the TV, speak “top business news.” You might get a result something like Baton Rouge area top business news. Need a laugh? Get your aggressions out, and holler top business news. Google might come up with a result like Christmas music. Do those two things sound remotely alike? Apparently to Google Voice Search it does.

As you can see, voice search might take a little getting used to. In order to get the search results you want you will need to speak clearly, not have a lot of room noise, and be willing to make a couple of tries to get it to work correctly.

Is it actually worth using? An article written on a CBS web site called Tech Talk mentions that it doesn’t seem to be a very useful tool especially in the workplace. Google Voice Search would certainly be more of a distraction and cause confusion in the office. Can you imagine a roomful of people yelling at their computers?

At home it probably isn’t any more useful, but it can afford a few laughs for some of the silly results you might get. You’ll shake your head wondering how Google Voice came up with “that one.” The tool seems more of a novelty, and maybe someday it will be more helpful. If Chrome is your web browser, give it a try to see how it works for you. More than likely you’ll find that it’s easier to just use the keyboard.

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