GOP Addressing Abortion Instead of Economy

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Supposedly, the GOP won so many seats and state offices because they were going to do something about the economy; how abortion fits into that is stultifying.

Innumerable anti-choice bills are being presented in state houses across the country.  South Dakota recently passed a law requiring women to wait 72 hours after consulting with a doctor and listen to a lecture from an “anti-choice” person or “Bible-thumper“  before being permitted to receive the abortion.

What this all has to do with jobs is quite clear: absolutely nothing. Republicans have only one cure for the economy, slash taxes for the wealthy. They’ve done that and now they are fresh out of ideas.

Meanwhile, Republican House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) “has identified limiting women’s access to abortion and contraception as a ‘top priority’—this with the economy is [sic] in tatters and the world in turmoil.”

What is most intriguing is the intense desire for military action among Republicans. Not content with a bifurcated war effort in the Middle East, Republicans are pooh-poohing Obama’s “leadership” in dealing with Libya.

Of course this makes complete sense. How do you know, when performing an abortion, that the human is good or bad until after it has been born, instead of only aborting humans by a Tomahawk missile as collateral damage?

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