GOP Candidates Keep Talking And The Mistakes Keep Coming

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The GOP candidates are struggling with their knowledge of foreign affairs. Herman Cain didn’t know China had nuclear weapons and most recently, Michelle Bachmann has said she would close the U.S. Embassy in Iran if she’s elected President. There is no U.S. Embassy in Iran! As painful as it is to admit, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are the definite leaders when it comes to pure knowledge of world history and foreign affairs, followed by Jon Huntsman.

Bachmann’s campaign claims her comment about closing this non-existent embassy is purely hypothetical. Only if the idea of her becoming president is also hypothetical is this a viable response. She is in Congress and sits on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. She should know exactly what we have and do not have in Iran. Here’s a website to help Bachmann with locating U.S. embassies:

Bachmann In Iowa

Does it matter that the GOP candidates don’t know every country in the world, the capital city and the current leader’s name? In a global, technologically advanced economy, the answer should be a resounding YES! Before entering an arena where every move you make and every word you speak is going to be criticized, analysed, critiqued, and taken as fact by some, you had better spend some time preparing to get those moves and words correct.

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