GOP Freshmen Whine to President Obama About Dem Attacks on Medicare Proposals

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GOP House freshmen can give it, but apparently, they can’t take it. They have sent President Obama a letter asking him to make the Dems stop attacking them over their Medicare proposal. This is like the little brother pestering and poking his older brother, and when the tougher, older sibling hits back, little Johnnie goes running to Mommy.

See, the newest House members were elected on the heels of the “Medicare” attack they waged on Democrats who voted for $500 million in cuts to Medicare. What they failed to mention was that the cuts were to keep the agency from overpaying private insurers. It had nothing to do with cutting benefits.

Well, now the newest members want to gut the program as we know it, privatize it, and make it a voucher system. Can you say “hypocrite?” Oh wait, someone already did. Anthony Weiner in April called them out point-blank on their 180 degree turnaround. Last month, he gave a scathing speech in which he said:

This week on the House floor, Republicans are going to say ‘We’re against Medicare. We want to eliminate it as it stands.’ Isn’t it ironic that all last year criticizing the health care act because it harmed Medicare. Now, suddenly, they want it eliminated.

And now, because they’re feeling the heat, they’ve decided they can’t take it and just wanna be friends again. They want a clean slate, they say. Obviously, this is something they never gave much thought about, that Medicare recipients and Democrats would be raging mad about their waffling on the issue.

Their letter to the president reads, “We ask that you stand above partisanship, condemn the disingenuous attacks and work with this Congress to reform spending on entitlement programs.” Not sure how this is going to work out for them, but the Democrats have prepared a lengthy list of all attack ads the Republicans came out with, pinpointing how relentless they lied and misrepresented themselves to their voters.

So, should the Dems offer a truce? Why should they? Republicans have never given an inch in such matters. They’re weak and now they’re backed into a corner with their hands up placating. A word of advice to Democrats: don’t fall for it.

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