GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Texas Congressman and maverick GOP presidential contender Ron Paul is the debate stage wild card in the Republican push for the presidency. In debate after debate, after McCain and Giuliani and Romney and the rest have had their main-line say, Ron Paul turns over the tables.

He trembles with passion as he says the GOP has lost its way, above all in Iraq. He’s nowhere in the polls, but he’s all over the national conversation. A conservative who has GOP mainliners growling for his not toeing the party line.  A libertarian who has libertarians sputtering over his ideological impurity.

Bush backers hate him. Disillusioned Republicans, and many others, have made him a cult hero, and maybe more than that.

Listen to an On Point conversation with the GOP’s fierce fringe candidate for the presidency.

How is Ron Paul playing in your corner of America?  Is he a crank, or a breath of fresh air?

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