GOP should focus on economy not abortion, according to Mia Love

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One of the GOP’s most promising new stars, Utah mayor turned congressional candidate Mia Love, is encouraging Republican candidates and elected officials to stay focused on the issue of the economy. When it comes to the hot button issue of abortion, the pro-life Love is in line with the Republican Party’s stance. However, according to Fox News, she says members shouldn’t be “getting into the weeds on this.”

As for the Democrats’ argument that Republicans are waging a war on women, Love calls it “a way to distract from failed policies.”

The accusation that Democrats are trying to distract from the failing economy and high rate of unemployment, focusing on other issues, particularly abortion, has been continually made by Republicans throughout the campaign.

Single women tend to support Democratic candidates by a high margin in any election. So, convincing women, especially single women, that their reproductive rights will be threatened with Republicans in power can be a very effective tool in getting this demographic to pour into the polls on election day.

As reported by Booker Rising, Love, a first-generation Haitian-American, is trying to unseat six-term incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson. Matheson is currently leading in the polls. Whether Love is successful in her bid for Congress this time around or not, it’s clear from the rousing speech the charismatic Love gave at the Republican National Convention that she could be instrumental when it comes to recruiting more women and minorities into the party.

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