Gordon Ramsay Presents Fashion Night in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Chef Gordon Ramsay is doing something he’s never done before in Hell’s Kitchen history. He’s hosting the first ever fashion night for the famed restaurant.

Some people think food and fashion go together because they both focus on trends and are beautiful extensions of talented artists. That’s why Chef Ramsay decided to marry food and fashion together for a special double episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

The chefs in both kitchens remained divided during episode six of this year’s competition. The woman’s red team has two decided alliances — Christine and Dana against Kimmie, Robyn and Tiffany. The men are just plain divided. They can’t seem to work as a cohesive group no matter what their leader, Patrick, says or does.

Royce tried to make a case for taking over leadership of the team, but no one was buying his reasons. Clemenza suggested the guys to shut up and do their jobs. He thinks that will help everything fall into place.

For their challenge this week, the two teams faced one another to prepare a tasting menu for three fashion designers to critique. The designers were David Meister, Amanda Che and Ina Soltani. Both David and Ina asked for healthy food choices while David and Amanda wanted focus on spice and flavor. Amanda also demanded food that was bright and colorful.

The teams cooked one appetizer and two main dishes for tasting. Then they went head to head to earn points.

Up first with appetizers were blue team members Brian and Justin against Dana from the red team. The men’s team made a trio of salads that failed to impress the designers. The food got labeled “ordinary” and “bland”. All three judges hated the foam and decried the lack of any “kick” or “wow factor”.

The women prepared chilled mango broth. One designer called the dish “clumsy” and said it had “no elegance”. Another hated the color of the soup. However, most agreed the taste was at least interesting. The point went to the women.

Patrick and Roshni presented the first blue entrée consisting of Moroccan squab. The designers found the dish “interesting,” but said the portions were “too heavy” and the food had “no kick”.

Tiffany presented pan-roasted squab with fried eggplant. The judges hated that anything fried made the plate since it was not healthy food. They also said the dish wasn’t “modern, clean or chic”. One called it “greasy”. The taste, however, impressed at least somewhat. It just wasn’t enough to beat the men, who won the second point.

Guy, Clemenza and Royce presented the last entrée of swordfish with mussels and clams. The judges loved the seafood and liked that the men added spice to the swordfish. However, one judge suggested the dish needed refinement, simplification and editing.

Robyn and Kimmie’s seared sea bass entrée failed to impress because it tasted bland. The judges said it was neither “sharp nor precise”. Consequently, the point went to the men.

Kimmie blamed the lost point on Robyn who refused to add any spice into the dish. It became a bone of contention that affected how the girls worked together after that.

While the men enjoyed a day of shopping and wine tasting, the women set up the restaurant for fashion night. The results were comical as they strutted their stuff on the runway. They were also dismal as Tiffany flaunted her bodily functions.

As the dinner service grew closer, Gordon Ramsay explained how the food would get served. After the first models walked the runway, appetizers would be served. After the second batch finished, it was time for main dishes. Everyone claimed to understand, which was why Clemenza’s actions were surprising. He jumped the gun and began preparing scallops before any models hit the runway.

Will divided teams pull off Hell’s Kitchen’s first fashion night? The timing requires perfection for everything to work. Sadly, fans won’t get to see if the teams can pull their acts together until next week, when part two of the episode airs.

Hell’s Kitchen airs on Monday nights, 8:00 p.m. on Fox Network.

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