Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Chefs Taste Test and Design New Menus

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen hopefuls got busy this week. They began with a wing eating contest, followed by taste testing and then finished off with a new menu design. Here’s what went down.

The night started off with Brian confronting Tiffany for her attitude toward him at the end of last week’s episode. He made it known he didn’t appreciate being treated condescendingly. Tiffany, however, didn’t seem to care. She called her competitor a “cry baby.”

Robyn tried to get on Clemenza’s good side after throwing him under the bus during the last episode. While the big guy listened, it was clear he wasn’t buying her “friendship” act.

Chef Ramsay decided to break the tension between all the contestants with a wing eating contest. To compete against them, he brought in the champion wing eater. With a prize of $500 on the line, it was obvious the chefs didn’t stand a chance.

After eating wings, Ramsay introduced the chefs to another taste test. This one dealt with their palates.

Palate Taste Test Team Challenge

Christina and Brian went first. Brian got three out of four foods right while Christina missed shallots and turkey. She called the latter “tofu”.

Barbie and Robyn went head to head at last. Robyn bragged she’d mop the floor with her competition. She didn’t. Barbie was the only chef to get one right. Both girls missed three out of four of the foods.

Tiffany and Clemenza fared no better. The women went up another point with Tiffany identifying one food correctly — walnuts.

Dana and Justin finished off the taste test. Dana correctly identified fig and radish but missed scallops and sunchoke. Surprisingly, Justin did something no other chef has accomplished in 10 years of the show. He got all four foods right. That meant the men won the team challenge.

While the blue team spent the day in a water park closed just for them, the red team suffered through delivery day. Kimmie and Barbie got into an argument and carried on for most of the day. That is until Christina called “enough”!

After deliveries were over, the girls prepped the two kitchens. They hand-ground peppercorns, drained and refilled fryers and peeled potatoes.

Finally, both teams settled down for some rest. That’s when a horn alerted the girls to yet another delivery. However, this one was for them. A video from Ramsay informed them it was time to design their own menus containing three appetizers, three main dishes and three desserts.

Menu Design Test

The red team quickly decided on three appetizers: a roasted beet salad, flat bread and mussels. They also chose halibut, duck and rib eye for their main dishes.

Kimmie complained no one was listening to her ideas so the girls decided to let her do a barbecue sauce for the steak. That seemed to appease her.

The blue team allowed Brian and Justin to set most of the menu. Robyn’s salad contribution was old-fashioned, via the ’80s, which would come back to bite the team in the end. Main dish choices included quail, steak au poivre, and sea bass.

Clemenza soiled his jacket early on during cooking and spent 45 minutes in the dorm trying to clean it up. That put the men’s team quickly behind.

When it came time for Chef Ramsay to taste the dishes, he obviously preferred one menu over the other. While he wasn’t impressed with the red team’s mussels or beet salad, he loved their flatbread, halibut and rib eye. He called Kimmie’s barbecue sauce contribution “absolutely delicious.”

The men fared poorly. The chef didn’t care for their retro salad or their gazpacho. The steak au poivre pleased but didn’t titillate and the quail failed miserably because bones were left inside.

Both teams made adjustments to their menus and started to prepare for the head to head dinner service competition. That takes place tonight on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Who will win? The money’s on the red team to pull out another victory. However, the blue team is hungry. This could be their week to gain retribution.

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