Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Gets Steak Worthy

Season 10’s winner of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen gets a job at the famed chef’s steak house in Las Vegas. That’s why Ramsay instituted a steak night for this week’s challenge. He wanted to test the chefs on their ability to cook his new restaurant’s key ingredient — beef.

The challenge began with the contestants reporting to work and finding a huge gold curtain covering up something. Chef Ramsay revealed a huge slot machine from which the chefs would receive the ingredients for their team challenge.

Since the women’s red team had one more member than the men’s blue, Kimmie sat out the slot machine challenge. However, later she got to choose which set of ingredients and fellow team member she wanted to go up against.

Dana and Patrick were up first. They drew the following ingredients: flat-iron steak, blue cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and spinach. Christina and Royce went second, drawing hanger steak, asparagus, crab, eggplant and yams. Barbie and Brian were lucky enough to get New York strip, cauliflower, celery root, shrimp and tomatoes. Tiffany and Justin got even luckier, drawing filet mignon, beets, carrots, chorizo and zucchini. Robyn and Clemenza went last, drawing rib eye, bacon, broccoli, parsnips and sweet corn.

Kimmie decided to cook with Robyn’s ingredients. Then members of her team would choose between her and Robyn’s prepared dish.

Tiffany stuffed her filet with the remaining ingredients while Justin added truffles to his dish. Chef Ramsay liked both filets but chastised Tiffany for drying hers out slightly with the stuffing. The first point went to the blue team.

Christina’s pepper infused hanger steak impressed. The chef called the dish “delicious”. Royce’s, which also included crab cake and potatoes did not impress. The point went to Christina.

Both Dana and Patrick failed with their steak dishes. Dana’s grilled flat-iron steak looked messy. It was also overcooked and dry. Patrick’s seared flat-iron steak was too salty. No one got a point in that round.

Barbie’s surf and turf got deemed “delicious” by Chef Ramsay while Brian’s rosemary crusted New York strip “worked beautifully”. Both teams earned a point.

Up last were Robyn and Clemenza. Robyn’s coffee encrusted rib eye was over cooked. The chef called the rub “disgusting” and the entire dish “dreadful”. Clemenza’s pan seared strip steak was a bit under cooked but “utterly delicious”. The men took the last point and the challenge win.

Out of curiosity, Chef Ramsay tried Kimmie’s dish which got discarded by her team mates. He proclaimed it “delicious” and told the women they made the wrong choice.

While the men went shopping for chef’s items and out to lunch at a local restaurant, the women stayed behind to accept a delivery. It was a side of beef which they then had to butcher and prep for the following night’s service.

The women fought throughout their prep time with Robyn and Kimmie throwing barbs back and forth at one another. Then Tiffany decided to pick on Barbie when she dared to point out her onions were improperly cut and would need a redo.

The fight continued into the evening. Kimmie’s snoring kept Robyn awake so she went into the other dorm room. However, the girls in that room were none too happy to have her as a room-mate, which sparked Robyn’s temper once again.

As the teams prepped for Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Family Steak Night, disaster struck. Kimmie, on the meat station, burned both of her hands with grease, sending her off to a medic for treatment.

Will she be able to return and cook? Stay tuned tonight, 8:00 p.m. on Fox to find out.

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