Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Master Chef’ Gets Down to Just Three

Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef hit series is drawing to a close. The wannabe cooks vying for the title are down to just three after this week’s competition.

The last four cooks standing divided into two teams to prepare three course meals for six famed chefs and restauranteurs. In addition to themselves, the Master Chef judges brought in Michelin Star chefs Guy Savoy, Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse.

Cooking Challenge

Since Christine won last week’s Cooking Challenge, she got to pick which cook she wanted for her team. She chose Becky. That left Josh and Frank to work together, something Josh did not want. That’s because Frank reneged on a promise to save him in an earlier competition. Hard feelings were still very much in play.

The teams were given 90 minutes to prepare appetizers; 30 minutes more for main dishes and an extra 30 minutes for desserts. Both teams got off to a good start but the red team worked well together and appeared focus. The blue team looked scattered and torn apart.

The red team decided on an Asian inspired meal featuring seafood soup, Peking duck and a fruit coconut dessert. The blue team planned a vegetable appetizer with a stuffed lamb saddle and white chocolate mousse.

The red team’s Thai inspired seafood soup pleased most of the judges. However, one said the flavor wasn’t concentrated enough for him.

On the other hand, the blue team’s spring vegetable terrine failed to please altogether. Chefs complained about it being too small. They also didn’t like its limited flavor or the excessive amount of gelatin.

One judge found the red team’s duck breast “too sweet”. Another said the skin was “insufficiently crispy”. A third judge noted that his plate was missing the accompanying rice cake. It turns out, it didn’t get plated by Becky.

The blue team’s lamb, however, went over well. One judge called it “perfection”. Another judge raved about Josh’s mint yogurt.

When it came to desserts, the red team’s coconut dish provided varying textures. That proved a hit with the judges who could find little fault with it.

In comparison, the blue team’s white chocolate mousse with rhubarb pleased almost no one. Only one judge found it a restaurant-worthy dish. The other’s bemoaned Frank’s careless plating.

The red team easily took the appetizers while the blue team won with their entrée. Everything came down to the dessert, which obviously went to the red team. That left the blue team going head to head with the Pressure Test.

Pressure Test

Everyone knew it was coming at some point. The Master Chef judges always throw in a soufflé to confound the wannabe chefs. However, this time around they weren’t asked to make a single soufflé. Instead, they got challenged to make three. The first, a white cheddar cheese soufflé was at the request of Chef Ramsay. The second, a raspberry soufflé, came at the request of Joe Bastianich. The third request was a dark chocolate soufflé from Graham Elliot.

Josh and Frank started cooking immediately, each appearing to know what to do and be comfortable with the timing of each soufflé. However, Josh eventually lagged behind; putting his chocolate soufflé in the oven with only nine minutes to cook. So did he manage to pull out a win?

Each judge tasted their requested soufflé without giving away a hint of what they thought about the dish. The pressure built on the contestants who longed to know which one of them would advance to Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef finals.

Ramsay called Josh’s cheese soufflé “delicious; crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside”. However, he said that Frank’s soufflé was “rich and sumptuous”. Therefore, the point went to Frank.

Joe Bastianich called Josh’s raspberry soufflé “light” and “fragrant”. Unfortunately, he found Frank’s much “too dense”. His point went to Josh.

That left Graham Elliot with the deciding vote. He called Frank’s chocolate soufflé “rich and flavorful”. He said the same of Josh’s dishes. However, it preferred the lightness of Josh’s soufflé and gave the cook the last point.

That meant Josh, Becky and Christine will compete in next week’s semi-finals. Frank got sent home just short of the win.

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