Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Master Chef’ Hopeful Compete in a Cowboy Cook-off

This week, the remaining eight hopefuls in Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef kitchen competed in a cowboy cook-off. After that, the losing team endured another horrendous pressure test.

After last week’s Mystery Box Challenge, two cooks rose to the top: Frank and Monti. This week, they took on the role as captains for a team challenge.

Team Challenge

Frank chose first, opting for the dream team of Becky, Josh and Felix. Monti went second, going for the under dogs Stacey, David and Christine. However, at the last-minute, the judges made the captains switch teams. That meant both captains had to deal with team members they didn’t personally choose.

Monti got off to a rough start by basically dictating the menu to her team. She didn’t encourage, or even allow, much advice. The menu became rib eye steak, sweet potato mash and green beans.

Frank operated differently, allowing his team members to help set up the menu. They settled on New York strip, garlic mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. Stacey also volunteered to make a barbecue sauce for the steak.

The teams had 90 minutes of prep time and about one hour to serve 101 cowboys once they arrived. Prep time didn’t go smoothly for either team. Becky over cooked the steaks on Monti’s team while Monti worked preparing green beans and an insufficient amount of sweet potatoes.

On the blue team, blind Christine got assigned to grill the corn, which proved a poor decision. She couldn’t see it when the corn husks started a momentary fire on the grill.

Eventually, however, the teams got their acts together and started putting out food just as the cowboys arrived. Sadly, over cooked steaks on both teams disappointed some of the customers and Monti’s team ran of sweet potatoes within the first five minutes.

Stacey’s barbecue sauce proved a hit with some calling it “liquid gold”. The customers couldn’t stop raving. Those raves turned into votes as the blue team quickly took the lead. While the red team rallied and pulled a respectable number of votes, they never caught up. It was team blue all the way.

Pressure Test

Monti’s team entered the pressure test without expectations. They were pleasantly surprised to learn they could choose one team member to keep safe. That person didn’t have to compete in the test. After discussing the issue, Felix got the pass. That’s despite the fact that Josh believed it should have gone to him after he replaced Becky on the grill to prevent any more over cooked steaks.

The pressure test had the chefs cooking eggs in four styles: soft-boiled, sunny side up, poached and a three-egg omelet. To make it more difficult, the Master Chef hopefuls only received a total of six eggs. That meant there was no room to mess up.

The cooks were given 20 minutes to prepare their four eggs. Monti looked calm and collected while both Becky and Josh seemed to fumble around. In the end, all three cooks made vital mistakes.

Gordon Ramsay said Monti’s sunny side up egg was “raw on top” and her omelet was “tasty” but “too flat”. He called her poached egg “nice” and her soft-boiled egg “beautiful”.

Gordon Elliott called Becky’s sunny side up egg “fried, shrunken and chewy”. On the other hand, he raved over her fluffy omelet and appreciated her “great” poached egg. The deciding vote was the soft-boiled egg. Unfortunately, it was not boiled properly.

Joe Bastianich called Josh’s sunny side up egg “perfectly cooked”. Sadly, that was the only good thing he had to say. He deemed Josh’s omelet as “dense, fried custard” and said his poached egg was “too boiled”. The real kicker, however, was Josh’s soft-boiled egg which remained “raw”.

Monti got a quick pass and went to safety. That meant that either Becky or Josh would go home. With Becky successfully cooking two eggs to Josh’s one, the choice was clear. Josh left Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef kitchen. However, not until Ramsay offered him support in any way possible so the young chef could continue his cooking dreams.

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