Gordon Ramsey walks out on Hell’s Kitchen

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Gordon Ramsey got so frustrated with the remaining chef’s on last night’s Hell’s Kitchen episode that he actually walked out of the kitchen during a busy dinner service. The dining room was packed and included stylist to the stars Steven Cojokaru, and a large party of Marines, who waited an incredible one hour just to get some food on their table.

For those watching it has to be a wonder that Ramsey hasn’t walked out before. He has certainly had some challenging people to deal with in his kitchen and this season has hardly been short on crazy personalities and cooking mishaps. Just thinking about having to deal with either Raj, Sabrina or Trev either as employees or coworkers must give the average viewer a headache.

Of course one would have to wonder just how much of the show is actually reality and how much is scripted. We’ve already seen contestants on shows like American Idol that we couldn’t believe go before the judges just because the producers thought it would make good TV, and they were often right. Case in point, “Pants on the Ground.”

While most people don’t remember the name General Larry Platt, they are still making references to someone’s pants on the ground and that year a player from one of the NFL teams had even gone so far as to rephrase it “Brett on the ground” before a game against Favre.

Whether the chefs are really driving Ramsey crazy or whether he is exaggerating for effect we may never know, but it does make for entertaining television and the increasing success of reality shows has given way to more and more of them cropping up seemingly almost weekly.


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