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It has been speculated in the recent past that if Gore would to win the Noble prize this year,  for his work on climate change, he would be more willing and might just make that step into the nomination for President.  But what would a Gore candidacy bring to the democrats, and to the race this late in the game.  Would a Gore Candidacy bring unity to the Democrats?  Would a Gore Candidacy play spoiler for the other would be Presidents in the race?  Would his candidacy destroy the democrats and propel the Republicans into the White House?  Here is a look at what Gore would end up doing.

 First and formemost Gore is not liked by everyone, and it is anyones guess if Gore would actually do well in the nomination process.  However it is safe to say that a three way race for the nomination this far would turn to four.  Hillary Clinton is the presumed front runner in the race for the Presidency would eventually hurt by A Gore enterance into the Race.  Many of her donors would eventually leave her and go with Gore.  While Clinton is almost ensured of the women vote Gore would split that vote and make it harder for Clinton to win the nomination.

Barack Obama who has run a close race with Clinton these last few months could acutally find that he is running far behind Clinton and Gore for the Race for the Presidency.  Gore would not win the African American vote because that is almost ensured to go to Obama, however Gore would split it slightly and again make it harder for Obama.

Edwards who is a running a close third to Clinton and Obama could be the odd man out int his race.  Edwards who is running in the top three because of his Vice Presidency run in 2004, could be hurt badly by a Gore Candidacy and not be able to recover.  

 Overall a Gore run would eventually hurt the Democrats in this race for the Presidency.  A gore run for make it longer before we have a candidate because he would split with Clinton, and Obama, and make it hard for either of them to come back.  A Gore candidacy would give the Republicans hope in this eleection has they would most likley have a candidate before the Democrats and would have the upper hand in running a General Election.  While the Democrats go first in the Nominating cycle the Republicans would benefit for having a known Candidate so early.  A gore candidacy at this time, this late int he game would end up hurting the Democrats instead of helping.  It is better that Gore stay out of the race, and let the Democrats we have now fight it out.  

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