Gorilla Glass: An Old Invention With New Life

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In 1962, Corning Inc. invented what it dubbed “Gorilla glass.” It didn’t find a commercial market, so they kept its formula tucked away. But in this advanced digital age, Gorilla glass is paying off at last.

Gorilla glass is two to three times stronger than other chemically strengthened glass. Moreover, Gorilla glass is stronger at half the thickness of the others. This means Gorilla glass can be as thin as a dime and still be more durable.

Gorilla glass can also be ordered from Corning with special coatings to make it easier to clean. This is a great benefit to touchscreen devices such as iPhones and other smart phones.

Gorilla glass is already in many products. According to Corning’s website, Gorilla glass can be found on devices ranging from the Motorola Droid to the J3500 Tablet PC from Motion Computing.

Corning is counting on Gorilla glass to be more attractive to flatscreen TV makers and others seeking to make their products without rims or bezels to protect the edges of the screen.

Talks are being had between Corning and Asian manufacturers to bring Gorilla glass to the TV market early next year. One factory in Harrodsburg, Ky is already fully dedicated to making Gorilla glass. A second Corning factory in Shizuoka, Japan is being ramped up to fill a hoped-for year-end order burst for Gorilla glass.

Corning has already seen its income soar due to glass sales this year. They expect wider adoption of Gorilla glass to only improve on that. Based on their description, Gorilla glass could and already is quite literally changing the face of technology.

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