Gorilla Walks Like a Human – Ambam’s Upright Stride Runs in the Family!

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If a gorilla walks like a human, will he attract more visitors to an animal park? Apparently, yes. The gorilla, Ambam, at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, was filmed walking upright like a human. More interesting than the fact that Ambam walks upright is that the walk seems to run in his family!

Image: Ambam the gorilla According to Gorilla keeper Phil Ridges, all gorillas can walk like a human to a certain extent, but Ambam has really outdone himself. The animal is quite a celebrity at the park and has attracted much fanfare because of his ability to walk like a human.

Ridges also added that, “AmbamÂ’s father Bitam used to display the same behavior if he had handfuls of food to carry. Ambam also has a full sister, Tamba, and a half-sister… who also sometimes stand and walk in the same way.”

He added, “We think he might use it to get a height advantage to look over the wall when keepers come to feed him and standing up can also help him in looking for food generally in his enclosure as it gives him a better vantage point.”

The gorilla walks like a human, but it’s still an animal and critically endangered. Ambam is 21-years-old and weighs at least 485 pounds. It’s a safe bet, he’s got a lot to hold up when he’s walking!

(photo credit: Kevin Jenner  /  Howletts at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park)

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