Gorilla Walks Like A Man at British Animal Park (Video)

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A gorilla has achieved fame for walking upright on his hind legs like a man at a British animal park. A Western lowland primate named Ambam was filmed walking around on his hind legs. He looks confident and strong. He’s not just getting around the compound, but he’s actually in control of his walk.


According to MSNBC, “Ambam, a 21-year-old silverback, is part of a bachelor group of the critically endangered animals at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, which is run by an international conservation charity, The Aspinall Foundation.”

Ambam weighs 485 pounds and had been raised by someone at another park. This gorilla probably thinks he is a human because he has received special treatment as a baby when he was ill. The trainer said that the human-like walking style seemed to run in the family. Both Ambam’s father and his sister would walk like a man in the upright position on occasion, so this might be a family oriented trait.

It is known that all gorillas have this capability to stand temporarily, but in this case watch how he seems to stand erect on his hind legs, and then seems to confidently strut about the park. He’s just awesome, and he knows it.


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Photo Source: Commons Wikimedia

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