Gosselin Kids Expelled – More Gosselin Drama

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Once again the Gosselin’s are making headlines. This time it’s because two Gosselin kids, expelled from school, are now being home schooled. Kate Gosselin is a self-proclaimed parenting expert that has made her 8 children’s lives public, but now does not want to speak about this new incident.

This newest report comes from In Touch Weekly, which said that two of the sextuplets, Alexis and Collin, have been expelled from their posh Pennsylvania private school. The little kids are now 6, and have been bullying, name-calling, and exhibiting “rage issues”. Alexis allegedly punched another student and both children are accused of excessive name-calling and bullying. The magazine links these behavior issues to the stress of filming the Kate Plus Eight show on TLC. Do you think that is a correct assumption? Maybe some of the bad behavior has to do with their parents having a nasty divorce, or that their dad is always dating different women? Maybe they learned it from watching their parents fight all the time? Maybe they are just kids, acting like kids, or going through a phase?

Although a portion of their lives are shown on television for the world to see, viewers of Kate Plus Eight should not expect to see anything relating to the expulsion on the program. Kate is a momma bear that will try her best to protect her cubs from this negative publicity.

Child experts are saying that the two Gosselin kids that were expelled should receive anger management help, a psych evaluation, and above all, no more TV cameras. It really seems that the cause of Alexis and Collin’s bad behavior can be boiled down to their parent’s outbursts and rudeness to each other, or stress from filming the TV show. Do you agree with that? What do you think about 6-year-old children being expelled from a private school?

Forget about blame. These kids are obviously not getting all the support that they need to deal with their feelings in a productive way and they are lashing out. Let’s focus on getting them help instead of pointing fingers as to how they got this way.

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