‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5 Recap: Who’s Pregnant?

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Monday night kicked off Season 5 of Gossip Girl and there was a lot going on from the Upper East Side to LA. The show included the usual – romance, deceit, and money. But one surprise – there’s a baby on the way and you will never guess who is expecting!

Before revealing the pregnancy news, viewers catch up with the regulars. Serena is busy working in LA on a movie set. In an effort to take some initiative, she takes on more responsibility, but gets burned. She is set up by her supervisor to buy pot for the star of the film, an addict. But, she admits her mistake and ends up with a job offer to continue working in LA.

Viewers catch up with Chuck and Nate, who are also in LA. Serena suggests that Nate re-invent himself for a while, since after all, that’s what everyone in Hollywood does. Nate takes her advice and poses as a movie star at a Hollywood party they attend together. Pretending he owns the home of the party, he takes a woman on a tour of the house and learns after their tryst that she is actually the homeowner. Who is this woman? Apparently, there’s more to her story than meets the eye. All viewers know is that she knew about Nate prior to the party, based on a brief one-sided telephone conversation in which she says she “didn’t expect to make contact [with Nate] until New York.”

Chuck says he is over Blair and has a new word, “yes.” He now says yes to everything, “There’s nothing I won’t try once, even happiness.” Feeling invincible, he rides a motorcycle recklessly in the canyon and wipes out. Although apparently uninjured, his thrill-seeking behavior is a turn-off for his date. She tells him she thinks “there’s something dark going on” and leaves, recommending he get help.

Meanwhile, on the Upper East Side, Blair is head-butting with Louis’ mother. From the flowers to the gown, her royal wedding is being dictated by her future the mother-in-law. Blair tests Louis by asking him to stand up to his mother. At first it seemed that he didn’t have the guts to do it, but in the end, he did.

Dan Humphrey also asks Louis for a favor – to use his “royal power” to kill a story he wrote about Blair that he learned was to be published in Vanity Fair. Louis manages to stop the printing and Dan is happy that the leaked chapter will never see the light of day. That is, until he receives mail from Vanessa in Barcelona – a check for $10,000 and a note congratulating him on his first novel.

Remember Ivy, the girl that was paid to pose as Serena’s cousin Charlie at the close of last season? Tonight she resurfaced in LA and is surprised when spotted by Serena at work. Ivy immediately falls into character, ignoring her boss and heading out to catch up with her “cousin.”

So, who’s preggers on Gossip Girl? At first viewers were led to believe that it was Doroda because when Blair’s mom confronted Blair about it, Doroda stepped in and announced that she was the one that was expecting. However, in a shocking twist at the end, viewers learn that it may actually be Blair that is the mom-to-be. While being fitted for a Vogue Paris wedding dress photo shoot, the tailor remarks that she knows Blair is pregnant based on the added weight. Blair denies it, but you never know…

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