‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Episode 8 ‘It’s Really Complicated’ Preview: Drama at Thanksgiving

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Gossip Girl season 6 is almost over, and next week is episode 8, “It’s Really Complicated.” It’s time for Thanksgiving, and of course that’s going to mean drama on the Upper East Side—especially with everything going on and all the secrets being kept.

Season 6 Episode 8 “It’s Really Complicated” Promo

"It’s Really Complicated" Photo: Barbara Nitke/The CWSerena and Dan are going to be throwing a Thanksgiving get-together, and of course everyone has a secret agenda. Chuck’s feeling defeated after Lily burned the evidence he needed, and that’s going to make sitting at the same table as him more than a little awkward. Meanwhile, he has told Blair that they can’t be together, and so she’s going to try to help. Then there’s Dan, who has another exposé written, but he’s going to have to figure out whether or not he should publish it. The last episode showed that he’s working on his Serena chapter, and there’s no way that’s going to end well.

The Gossip Girl season 6 episode 8 promo for “It’s Really Complicated” (below) shows that while it looks like this could be a nice, normal Thanksgiving dinner, it’s going to be anything but that—not with this group of people. Serena says it will be the best Thanksgiving ever, and she’s happy with Dan, but little does she know what he’s up to. He deserves that punch. Meanwhile, Serena will be running into Steven, so where will that leave them? Though she and Blair tried to trick Sage into believing they had gotten back together, is Gossip Girl going to show a possible reunion for Serena and Steven next? Anything could happen given what has so far this season (let’s not even talk about Ivy’s storyline). Blair probably describes the entire episode with, “What is Thanksgiving without a side of drama?”

What do you think of the Gossip Girl season 6 episode 8 preview of “It’s Really Complicated”?

Photo: Barbara Nitke/The CW

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