‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Spoilers: What Could Happen with Chuck and Blair?

Gossip Girl will be ending after its upcoming sixth season, and while the fifth season didn’t exactly end well for Serena or Dan (really, Dan, Georgina?), it did end in a way that left fans of Chuck and Blair together looking forward to what could be coming up next.

Season 6 Spoilers

Gossip Girl title cardLeighton Meester talked to E! Online about what she thinks could be coming up in season 6. Is there any possibility of some happiness for Chuck and Blair? According to Meester, “Who knows? But probably. I think you can imagine that happening for sure. I have ways that I hope it will end, but I don’t want to get anybody else’s hopes up.” She went on to say, “I hope that a lot of crazy stuff happens. I’m ready for it.” Blair was at Chuck’s side to end the season, a place that some fans had hoped to see her throughout the season. Instead, she gave things a try with Dan, but that didn’t work out. After all this time, Chuck and Blair do deserve a chance to be together, and hopefully they get it in season 6.

However, could Chuck and Blair’s chance at happiness finally be ruined by Dan plotting with Georgina? It’s never a good thing when Georgina gets involved, but with Gossip Girl season 6 being its last, you have to imagine that the series could end with Blair and Chuck together since she did choose him at the end of season 5. After all, there’s only so much that could happen in a short season. But anything could happen, and that’s never truer than when you have all these characters involved. Plus, there’s whatever happens with Serena to take into consideration. While her and Blair’s friendship wasn’t in a good place to end season 5, it’s hard to imagine that being the case when the series ends. Could Blair’s choice in men help the girls fix things there?

What do you want to see happen in Gossip Girl season 6?

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