‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Spoilers: What Will Dan Be Up To?

Gossip Girl‘s fifth season ended with Blair with Chuck, Serena with some random guy on a train, and Dan with none other than Georgina. But what’s coming up when the final season begins?

GG Season 6 Spoilers

Gossip Girl title cardAccording to TVLine, “When the season starts up, Dan is spending some QT far away from the Big Apple with a certain brunette.” Georgina is still going to be around, and where there’s Georgina, there’s trouble. Dan was obviously hurt and angry after what happened to him in the finale, and while Serena’s dealing with her hurt with drugs, Dan’s going to be using his anger to team up with Georgina. There’s no way that’s anything but a bad idea.

How far will Dan take this in Gossip Girl season 6? Will he indeed publish that book about the Upper East Side? With this being the final season of the show, could it really end with Dan against everyone, or will he realize before it’s too late that this may be a move he’ll regret in the future? However, with Serena wrapped up in her own troubles and Blair with Chuck, will anyone be around to tell him this is a bad idea? It’s not like he wants to hear from any of them and Georgina’s not going to be the one to do so. So how will it end for Dan?

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