‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Spoilers: Who’s Getting a New Love Interest?

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Gossip Girl is back on the CW for its final season on October 8, and considering where Serena was when season 5 ended, is there any hope for some happiness for her?

GG Season 6 Spoilers

Gossip Girl title cardAccording to TVLine, there could be, as they’re going to be giving her “a major new love interest…one with the potential to sweep her off her feet and ride her…off into the sunset.” Serena was not in a good place when the last season ended—her friendship with Blair was ruined, her relationship with Dan—friendship or otherwise—was torn apart, and she was on a train, doing drugs with a random guy. Basically, she’s in a terrible place, and it’s not like she had friends out there who were ready to make sure she was fine.

Will that change in Gossip Girl season 6? Where will the beginning of the season see Serena? It may be up to her friends to pull her back from the edge, and since this is the last season, it does seem likely that will happen by the finale. They couldn’t end the series with Serena and Blair at odds, could they? Will this “major new love interest” be the one Serena needs to get her mind off Dan? Could he be the guy she’s with when the series ends?

What do you think of the latest Gossip Girl season 6 spoilers?

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