‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6 Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Be Together?

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Gossip Girl season 5 ended with the potential for something good for fans who want to see Chuck and Blair together, but that doesn’t mean they will be in the last season. What’s coming up for those two?

GG Season 6 Spoilers

Gossip Girl title cardAccording to TVLine, Chuck and Blair will be making a “special pact…in the premiere,” and that “involves them getting their personal crap together before committing to each other for good.” It sounds like they’re going to be on the right path to some happiness. Both Blair and Chuck have baggage, and figuring out all of that first is probably for the best. However, this does sound like good news for the couple, and it looks like Gossip Girl season 6 is going to be the one for Chuck and Blair, especially with news of Blair with a ring on a necklace as seen in photos from the set.

With this being the final season, there are only so many episodes for them to wrap up storylines, but it is sounding like by the end of the season, Chuck and Blair will likely be together. But will they each accomplish what they want to have done by the end of the season as well? Could the series finale feature a wedding for Blair and Chuck? With talk of a ring and a shortened season, it does seem to be heading that way.

What do you think of the latest Gossip Girl season 6 spoilers?

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