‘Gossip Girl’ Spoiler – When Could This Show End?

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“Gossip Girl” is a fan favorite and everyone can’t help but wonder how much longer it will be around to enjoy. “One Tree Hill” is already on its last season and now fans wonder if “Gossip Girl” is going to be the next to go.

Penn Badgley plays Dan Humphries on the show. In a recent interview, he gave his opinion of when he thinks this show will come to an end. When he was asked about how much longer this great show will be around, here was his response to the question.

“Yeah. I don’t think it can go past (season) six. ‘Cause that is what we’re contracted to.”

That would mean that this show is coming to an end next season. Viewers would get the rest of this year and then one more year for them to tie everything up in a nice little bow. Do you think it is time to call it quits? Will fans at least find out who “Gossip Girl” is before the show is over?

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